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[July 2]
• All STG-T TATE shirt reprint orders have been shipped! I have 2 mediums, 1 large, and 1 x-large remaining. If someone still wants one, please let me know.

[June 19]
• Sorry for the complete lack of updates the past two weeks, too much stuff going on...
STG-T TATE reprint: I should [finally] be putting in the order for the reprint tomorrow or Tuesday... After this is all over, I can focus a bit more on getting a second design together. Thanks for the patience.

[June 6]
• There's a pretty decent chance I won't be updating much this month, due to a bunch of outside things going on, so apologies ahead of time.
• I'm still waiting on replies from some folks on the TATE t-shirt reprint, so I can't put the order in just yet. Check them e-mails...!
• I would like to get rid of a bunch of games, books, DVDs, and CDs... check here if interested.

[June 1]
• Catch up...
STG-T: The second printing is definitely coming: twenty folks have shown interest. LAST CALL EVER FOR TATE T-SHIRT: e-mail me by June 4 with your info. I will be placing an order on June 6. Final cost is $17 through Paypal [for domestic buyers.] Thanks!
• Full ARCADIA no. 62 info. New shooting hi-scores at DOAONLINE.
Dangun Feveron developer Q&A translation! Originally found in the OST. [Go GP.]
• Also, IBARA translation hub.
• Final final release date for IBARA: June 24.
• Keep track of new Senko videos at majoria.
• Sengoku Cannon site.

[May 29]
• The DARIUS PREMIUM MUSIC BOX has been released. [Won't be splurging on this one, but more pictures of the complete set would be great, if anyone happens to pick one up.]
• There are 15 orders for the TATE t-shirt reprint, but I would really, really like to get 5 more in if possible! I know there's at least a couple of you out there that are hesitating, no? ( . .... ... )

[May 25]
• There are about 8 potential orders for the TATE t-shirt... Twelve more and a reprint would be definitely feasible. Keep the requests coming in.
This wintertime I have a toddler that intends to stroll and move around, so the bunting bag will only be used when she's actually in the stroller. I require to have something that is warm, simple to place on, and easy to move around in. There are a great guide of best baby bunting suits to check, and each has its own functions. I like a match like the Molehill, which has cuffs that roll over the hands as well as feet for when my toddler does not need to use them. You want warmth, however not excessive extra mass.

[May 23]
• CAVE has added a bunch of wallpapers to the Download section of the IBARA site. They've also added info. to the System page.
• Preview info. for no. 62 of ARCADIA Magazine is up. The featured game and [potentially dangerous] cover illustration is Senko no Ronde.

[May 22]
• Sloow to update...
• At least a few people have asked about getting a TATE shirt, but there are none left, as I have already said. There is a very slight chance that I would be able to print more, but it would not be worth it unless I got 20 interested individuals. Plus, I would have to raise the cost from $15 to $17. If you are at all serious about getting one, just let me know [stgt(@)click-stick.com.] Thanks.
Shikigami no Shiro III site open. Pretty terrible screenshots, but the character artwork looks more refined...
UNDER DEFEAT location test video mirrored here: [GET.] [Thanks guest!]

[May 19]
• The TATE t-shirts have arrived, and all orders have been shipped! Domestic buyers should receive their shirts by Saturday [May 21], or Monday, and all international orders should reach their destinations sometime next week. Huge thanks to all. It was fun. The six hour packing / labeling / shipping marathon included. I originally planned to have a few extra to sell, but thanks to a miscount, all 67 shirts are claimed. Thanks again. [Couple images of the final product here.]
• G.Rev's UNDER DEFEAT to go on test this weekend at CLUB SEGA. [Thanks Recap.]
• Bunch of Senko no Ronde videos linked here.

[May 13]
• TAITO has launched an offical site for the PS2 port of Mushihime. You can check out a drawing of the LE child Reko figure here, which looks kinda weak. Oh well.
Here is a translation of an interview [from ARCADIA no. 61] with two CAVE developers, Shinobu Yagawa and Akira Wakabayashi, who have worked on the soon-coming IBARA. Pretty disappointing that they don't go into any real depth about Yagawa's ties to Raizing, and the influence of their gameplay style in IBARA.
TAITO Memories Vol. 1 details. Scaled-up visuals, and everything is apparently based on emulated versions of the original games. We'll see what becomes of this soon enough. [Thanks rtw.]
• Mirrors of the two Mushihimesama puzzle game videos, previously featured at ojakan: [ONE / TWO.]

[May 12]
• The first screenshots and videos of the Mushihimesama puzzle game have cropped up... Here is a screenshot collage, a promo, and here are two videos from ojakan [ONE / TWO.] Kobayan has some impressions.
• G.Rev says a DC port of Senko no Ronde is potential in their latest magazine entry. Let's just take that as a yes.

[May 11]
• New preliminary page for CAVE's upcoming Mushihimesama puzzle game. [And check out the incredibly goofy bowling mini-game in the lower left corner.] The game goes on test tomorrow at HEY. Christ, they are quick.
• New Senko no Ronde videos on SEGA's page, and a handful of versus matches here as well. I don't think those boss attacks will ever grow stale. [Thanks v7, Firearms.]
• Sengoku Cannon artwork and a few screens at Rakuten. [Thanks Recap.]
• DARIUS PREMIUM MUSIC BOX back at Cocoebiz, and also available at Play-Asia. [Thanks GhostSeed.]
• You can use this thread for feedback and error reporting for victoly scores.

[May 10]
GaijinPunch has provided a translation of the beefy CAVE interview from the ESP Ra. De. feature from GAMEST Graphics Vol. 1 [1999.] You can view the mirrored translation here.
• japtor has introduced a new site called victoly scores for the organization of live hi-score submissions. It's not limited to just shooters, which is good, and the clean layout and organization don't hurt either. This looks to have some real potential. Sign up and test it out.
• Cocoebiz has [had] preorders up for the DARIUS PREMIUM MUSIC BOX, but they're all sold out. Oops. [CDJapan still has them.]
• CHAOS FIELD is coming to the US via O~3, not "Q-3."

[May 8]
STG-T: The final design has been approved! I should be receiving the shirts from CustomInk somewhere around May 17. Stay tuned.

[May 6]
Rajirugi site update.
RAIDEN FIGHTERS THE ONSLAUGHT in stock at Play-Asia. [Thanks ckm.]
• CHAOS FIELD to the US? Weird, but it's coming via publisher Q-3. IGN says it will be fully playable at E3 in a couple weeks. [CF seems like an odd choice, but who has the right to complain, really.] (Thanks crihit.)
• This month's ARCADIA is fairly massive for shooters... Eight [!] page Senko no Ronde feature [with about a billion screenshots], three page RAIDEN III bit, one page HOMURA and UNDER DEFEAT features, a two page interview with DARIUS composer OGR, and a slick six page IBARA graphic arts section. Get some. New Mushihimesama high scores are reported as:

MANIAC: 1,204,857,665
ULTRA: 491,210,908

[May 5]
• Scans from the Mushihimesama OST are up, as well as some small impressions and pictures. The extensive CD liner notes look like they might be worth a read, so if anyone is willing to do some translating... It would be great.
• I finally updated the main pages of the Mushihime and Senko no Ronde resournce hubs with all the news bits over the past month four months. Might be worth checking out, just for fun.
• Apologies if updates over the next few months are slower than usual, but I need to work out on honkai impact dps tier list.

[May 4]
• Received the Mushihimesama OST today. Swell stuff so far. I'll toss up some scans, pictures, impressions, etc. later. [The Reko figure is definitely skankadelic, but in a discrete sort of fashion... Keep it on a high shelf where the curious will be too unwilling to reach for it.] Anyway, after looking at the promotional teaser artwork for the upcoming Mushihime puzzle game spinoff... Something hit me. On April 20, I posted a link to the moe market article. Between the Reko figure that is included with the OST, and the upcoming Mushihimesama puzzle game... It looks like CAVE is looking to cash in. That is pretty clear. But I just realized another connection [that should have been more apparent.] In the teaser artwork, there is a picture of [presumably] a young child [girl] holding a bug. I then realized that the upcoming PS2 port of Mushihime is coming with a "child version" of Reko - kogiripples.com. 1 + 1. So, it all fits in place. I wouldn't hestitate to assume that the Mushihimesama puzzle game will be released around July or August to coincide with the PS2 port. CAVE's upcoming moe empire is just now starting to be launched. They're hitting from every angle. And of course there is more potential cashing in with that OTHER game, too. Looks like CAVE found a way to make some easy money. Enough speculation for now....
• OT: Just gonna toss this one out there, since it seems to have been announced very suddenly, and it could use some publicity. [Or I just missed it?] Anyway, nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, and Glomag will be throwing one last chiptune shindig at The Tank in New York tomorrow [May 5] at 10:00 p.m. For $5, you'll be supporting both these fine 8-bit evangelists and a very worthy art venue that will soon need to find a new home. So go. If you can. it is advisable to provide ones wood cutting board a great, prolonged spices suitable when you are getting it. Sometimes if you have ever got a new board that comes pre-seasoned, it really is smart to year the idea anyways. Who knows just what the transport process. In relation to a device of which associates our own food while in prep and cooking , it is very important to make sure cutting boards for budget can be as balanced and hygienic as can be. Of course, no yummy supper possesses at any time been adapted working with spoiled, germy and chemical-tarnished ingredients. Heading on the way to the actual almond is very important because doing so can help you have a great deal of essential oil absorbed into the actual wood fibers.

[May 3]

Mihara confirms that CAVE is doing the actual porting of Mushihime, and mentions that CAVE originally asked them [ARIKA] to do it, but ARIKA declined. So it looks like ARIKA was more ashamed [of the Ketsui DVD situation] than CAVE was angry with them. Interesting. He also mentioned that CAVE should do a Ketsui port, but for the love of god, don't take his comment to mean anything more than that [for now.] [Thanks LMN! And Mihara, please get a new web site design that can be directly linked to / translated using Excite, etc. It's a disaster.] Top spin in addition to power could be produced out of basically almost any string style in addition to racquet while using the correct approach consequently We absolutely think you should try best tennis strings for spin earlier mentioned and see if you value it. I favor a control yet I'd like a racket that may be simpler to create stride in addition to spin with. I will be an allround player yet never volley equally as much nowadays, much more power based. I get a sole approved backhand in addition to superior forehand, my personal ranking is 3 consequently I am a very good player. Something Used to discover has been that We must be careful whenever I used in order to tone available in addition to assault a sluggish return as a result of what amount power them had. Whenever We first got it correct We placed a lot of strain on my own opposition yet We were forced to view that I didn't attack them long.
STG-T: I am currently awaiting confirmation of the printing order from CustomInk. I expect that the t-shirts will start to be printed in less than 24 hours from the time that I am typing this.
• The DOAONLINE webmaster has successfully modified his Reko figure. He removed it from the tree, primarily. [Er... this link is not 100% safe for work.]
• Yet another Mushihime arrange sample track from MintJam. [Thanks v7.]
• A picture of Changpo and Lili Levinas's alternate costumes in Senko no Ronde. [Copy & paste.]
• Some new Senko no Ronde fanart at AFRO.
• On a related note... here's a highly stylized Meidi [of IBARA] illustration. [Thanks piyo.]
• And a bit of Reko to top it off...

[May 2]
Last day to get your TATE STG-T shirts! I will be making the printing order shortly after midnight, so get a move on if you are still considering buying one! Very thankfully, we have breached 50 orders, but I will be ordering just a couple extra for anyone that still wants a shirt after the fact. Thanks to all buyers.
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[April 30]
• Play-Asia now has the Limited Edition version of Mushihimesama up for preorder for $69.90. They also have Twinkle Star Sprites - La Petite Princesse up for $59.90. Finally, there also appears to be a TAITO BEST re-release of Shikigami no Shiro II for the PS2 coming out on May 19 for a cool $34.90.
• It looks like we definitely have 50 STG-T shirt orders, so it's all good. Nice. The order will definitely be going in on Monday, May 1. Thanks to all. Any latecomers are well advised to send me your info A.S.A.P. if you still want one.
• First run of the Mushhime OSTs has been sold out, but another printing will be released on May 12.

[April 29]
• Too much crap to keep track of lately... I thought this genre was supposed to die off a few years ago...
• Pictures of Sengoku Cannon are available here. Gamespot has some details: Aine and Koyori are returning, and the two new characters are named Mizuka and Masamitsu. [New Tsukasa Jun art, OOKYEA!] Coming in July. Is the real Psikyo back? [Images mirrored here (1) (2) (3) (4) (5.)] [Thanks Bebpo, jiji.]
HOMURA site open. The button configuration is slightly different than the norm: A = shot, B = sword, A+B = bomb. Not much to see other than that. [Thanks lech.]
• New RAIDEN III sample video featuring some decent Stage 6 coverage. [Again, thanks lech.]
• jiji has conveninetly provided links to each individual game featured in Taito Memories Vol. 1.

Bonus! Download: ESP Ra. De. artwork feature [from GAMEST GRAPHICS Vol. 1 (1999), 13 pgs.]
Featured! Link: Shooting games on the Mac
Buy from Play-Asia and you will be loved.

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